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Artisanal Website Building

Thanks for participating in the Building your Personal Website from Scratch workshop! You can find the resources used archived here.

When: Saturday August 18th, 13.30-15.00 and 16.00-17.30.
Where: F17

The Project

We will be creating a minimalistic personal website, akin to what is doing. The style I will be using is a pastiche of the house style of the UCR of yore: Roosevelt Academy. You are free to use any style you’d like, using what you’ll learn during the session.

The focus will be on learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript by actually using it. We will tackle responsive web design (it should fit on any screen size) and will play with some of the latest web standards.

You can already preview the final project by checking this website.


  1. Text Editor: Sublime Text
  2. Image files: zip file
  3. Template copy: txt file
  4. Presentation: ppt file
  5. Final project files: git repository