deSagaz started out as a graphic design and branding company in 2014. Over the years it has grown into two more directions: video production and web design. It has had focus on working with other small businesses and non-profits.

As it is a one-person company, it grows with the person attached to it. Currently a student at Utrecht University, Ivar is working in the domains of Game & Media Technology (computer science) and Educational Research. Once the time is right, deSagaz will venture into educational game design.

deSagaz is open to any project proposal in the creative domain, whether more technical, visual or textual. Feel free to contact me and let’s see if we can be co-narrators!

current experience
Web and Application Design
Video and Audio Production
Back-end Web Development
Graphic Design
Game Development (in progress)
past adventures
Denken in Organisaties
Denken in Organisaties
Book Voyage: A Book-Travelling Platform
Book Voyage: A Book-Travelling Platform
18 July, 2017 in  Branding Graphic Design Web Design
Distributed Leadership / Gespreid Leiderschap
Distributed Leadership / Gespreid Leiderschap
25 June, 2017 in  Video Production
Inclusie Verenigt
Inclusie Verenigt Website
2 April, 2017 in  Web Design