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deSagaz started out as a graphic design and branding company in 2014. Over the years it specialised in educational projects, using technology and media production to support these. It has had focus on working with other small businesses and non-profits.

As deSagaz is a one-person company, it grows with the person attached to it. Ivar recently graduated from Utrecht University with a double master’s degree in Game & Media Technology (computer science) and Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction. Once the time is right, deSagaz might just venture into educational game design, but at this moment in time developing learner-centric educational tools has a higher priority.

Ivar currently also works as project manager and instructor at the Freudenthal Institute (Utrecht University). There, he focusses on facilitating informatics education in secondary schools, augmenting human-information interaction, and developing interdisciplinary co-design courses that bring together students in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. That does mean that his time is somewhat limited; you may consult the contact page to see current availability for new projects — though always feel free to send a message.

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