Welcome to the new deSagaz website!

The time is here to finally bid farewell to the vintage website that we used to call deSagaz.com, and to meet its brand new successor!

deSagaz 2.0

It is my pleasure to finally welcome you to deSagaz’ new website! Two years overdue, it will replace the simple Bootstrap-based website I hacked together when I first registered my company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (see Exhibit A). Even though some kind of magic provided enough Adventures to go on, it is a bit ironic that a web design company had such a front face. No more!

Old website design
Exhibit A

What to expect?

I will still be working on translating the website to Dutch, as well as ensuring it is accessible for all users. Normally this needs to happen before a site is launched, of course, but I figured it could not really get too much worse than it was.

I will also occasionally update this blog space with content that I feel is relevant to the world. So, no regular schedule, no forced blogs. Just things that are worth both our time. I am already thinking on a piece chronicling deSagaz’ first Adventure, as well as an opinion piece on my currently most despised profession: domain speculation. Ugh. That just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Enough words spilled; rhetoric is only there to serve what we do best. Let’s. Adventure!

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